‘Sambad re Paribartana. Mu Anichi, Apana bhi paribe!’
Change is the only constant. The Japanese concept of “Kaizen” also focuses on this. Kai means change and Zen means good or better. When we coin both these words we get “Change for the good/better”. Change is a natural phenomenon. Change is bound to occur.

“Eastern Media Limited” is Eastern India’s no.1 Media Conglomerate and Orissa’s biggest media house. One of its many gems ”Sambad” will be now changing for the good. The no.1 Odia daily which rules the hearts of  thousands of readers will now become more innovative with new features that our beloved readers can enjoy with their morning cup of tea.

We lend a heartfelt thanks to our readers for their suggestions and ideas for initiating this change. The feedback that we got from you through your letters, SMS and word of mouth encouraged us and gave us the strength to proceed in bringing about this new change for you. Without your constant support Sambad would not have climbed the ladder of success and would not have acquired the No.1 status and position that it is in today.

Sambad’s Change Campaign will start from 24th August and will end on 22nd September. Its a month-long campaign. The bottom-line of this campaign is to give a new avatar to the most circulated Odia newspaper and to bring a refreshing change in the outlook of the paper which will not only give our existing readers something new to read about, but also help in creating new readers.

The change in the campaign will be on a daily basis for a month, i.e. 30 changes in 30 days. These 30 changes become a permanent part/feature of Sambad. Everyday something will be changed in the newspaper or its supplements. The readers have to identify these small changes and reply through SMS to give us the correct answer. 3 numbers of readers who spot the changes can everyday win 1000 rupees cash in our Lucky Draw and our Mega Bumper Draw lucky winner will receive a cash prize of 1 lac at the end of the campaign.

Not only this, our readers can also send us their suggestions and ideas of change that they want to see in their favourite newspaper. It’s a win-win situation for us and so also for our readers.


For a copy of the campaign & competition rules, please send a request to:


Sambad re Paribartana. Mu Anichi, Apana bhi paribe!
Sambad Bhavan,
B/27, Rasulgarh Industrial Estate,
Bhubaneswar 751010

Rs 56,791

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